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2022 CSI #2 Regina SK

2020 Ground Games

The Monkey and The Gorilla

I had the privilege to share some mat time with Professor Richard Nancoo a year or so ago when I was passing through Toronto.  I can't wait to have him out to my club this March 2020 to hold some seminars and have him share his knowledge.

The Annual Body of Four Gathering December 2019

Manitoba Open - Fall 2019

Our first tournament competing under Body Of Four affiliation produced a strong showing!  Both our kids and adult competition teams continue to grow!  We brought home 7 medals in the adults and 8 in childrens!  A solid result and as always, an eye opening experience that helps us all build our game better!  Congratulations all Competitors!


Manitoba Open - Spring 2019

The Sport side of jiu jitsu is an amazing opportunity for students to test their skills in tournament settings under the watchful eye of referees.  We are lucky to have a few tournaments available to us in Manitoba and this past spring of 2019 our competition team grew. It was a successful two tournaments where many team members earned medals and everyone came out winners who learned more about their jiu-jitsu game!

Competition helps us learn what we do well and where we need to grow and shape ourselves to be better!  Thank you everyone who comes out to support because you are as much a part of the team as those who compete on the mats!  The Forge team is growing strong and we look forward to more opportunities in the future!  Out of province competitions are the next step!  Keep training hard everyone! OSS


Congratulations to all of our students at Forge who came out and graded in front of Master Sylvio Behring this past weekend.  It was a successful weekend of stripe and belt gradings.  We are pleased to announce that Professor stripes were awarded to 

Professor Ron Brown as well as two new black belts promoted n the Behring family.  In addition to this, we grew our color belt line and awarded many white belt students with their first stripes at this event.  We are very proud of everyone!

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